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Conegliano [Italy] close

An avant-garde techno duo from Conegliano, Italy, is the brainchild of Paolo and Vincent. Since 2015, their innovative sonic blend of analog and digital, using classic Moog and Roland synthesizers, has been turning heads in the techno scene. Their notable releases like ‘Gas Panic’ on Arcane Music exemplify their dynamic […]

Karol Diac

Treviso [Italy] close

Shaman Lady, aka Karol Diac, weaves mystical spells with her unique tribal and ethnic-infused sound. By day, it’s organic tribal house with oriental and shamanic elements. By night, she delves into tribal tech house, melodic techno, and tribal techno for a dynamic musical journey. Karol Diac’s rise has been meteoric, […]


Kassel [Germany] close

Hackfreed -DJ, Producer Christian Hacker discovered his passion for music in his young years. Inspired by the music of the late 70s, he startet Djing at the age of 14. The first club in which Christian Hacker produced danceable music was Club Santana in Eschwege. In 2004 he impressed all […]

Paolo Tossio

London [Italy] close

With nothing more than a second hand mixing kit and an eclectic array of records, PAOLO TOSSIO burst onto the London scene in 1996 – a truly independent talent with an authentic, uplifting, and humble approach, he became well known for his creative ingenuity, original grooves, diverse music genres, and high-energy […]

Serena Thunderbolt

Roma [Italy] close

Serena De Marchi, aka Serena Thunderbolt, is a Roman DJ and producer who stands out for her versatile and eclectic nature, proposing electronic selections with different nuances, ranging between tribal and organic house, remixes of great successes, sensual sounds in a deep key, up to an energetic funky house, performing […]

Nana Koloda

Kiev [Ucraina] close

Nana Koloda. By integrating art and dance into her sets, she takes music to the next level. DJ and sound producer. Nana came to electronic music from professional dances, to which she devoted her whole life. According to her, dancing cannot live without music. After numerous works with well-known electronic […]

Massimo Logli

Pisa [Italy] close

Massimo Logli approaches music at the age of 12 picking up a musicassette on the street. His parents buy him a player with difficulty and Massimo discovers that the cassette contains “Saturday Night Fever”. From there the journey begins and as a listener of various musical genres, at the age […]

Madd Hatter

New York City [Uruguay] close

MaDD Hatter is a Uruguayan born and NYC raised Dj and producer who has recently been in the world top due to his great work in production. Reaching number one on the top charts and ranking among the DJs with the greatest projection, in the world top of Beatport. Also […]


Colombia [Italy] close

AKLOW Colombian Dj/Producer. From a very young age he was attracted to music, at 8 years old, he completely fell in love with electronic music, becoming his favorite musical genre. His career began in 2017, In 2019 AKLOW decided to take his musical approach towards “techno” thanks to the fact […]

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