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Migel Gloria

germany [germany] close

Migel Gloria began 1994 mixed Electronic Music and 1998 producing Electronic Music.He mixed in local bars from the beginning and then moved on to larger venues with a bigger and better audience which brought all the fun. He felt the biggest fascination for the Beats in the electro area therefore […]

Luca Margarita

Rome [italy] close

Luca Margarita starts his career as a dj very young, devoting whole days to listening and mixing music. Being a perfectionist he loves supervising every smallest detail in his Set from the music selection to the technique and scenic presence. He digs in his sets among all the electronic music […]

Natii Lee

Charlotte [Usa] close

Born in Holland in a military family she traveled Europe then landed in the US and found home in Charlotte, NC. Finding EDM at a young age she started listening and engaging in the scene in the 90’s. She works as a Landscape Designer and on her free time produces […]


[Spain] close

Vinzze, DJ and producer born in 1985 in Spain and who at the age of 16 began to be interested in electronic music, a lover of the most forceful and dark Hard and Techno sounds, without neglecting powerful and catchy melodies.


Firenze [italy] close

Antonella Anela, in arte ANELA, è una dj e producer italiana.Nata in Belgio e residente in Italia dove attualmente vive e svolge la sua professione. Quando ha scoperto la musica Techno è stato amore a prima vista,e sin dai suoi primi passi nella scena elettronica italiana e internazionale si è […]

Fabio SP

[italy] close

Fabio begins the experience as a DJ on an FM radio in his hometown The RSI (Radio Savona International) in the early 90s, begins to use audio systems, mixers and turntables and in the same period the disco become part of his life, both as a regular visitor and as […]

Arido SC

[italy] close

Dario begins his music activity as a songwriter in the early 90s and then he becomes the frontman of the Desnuda band rising popularity in northern Italy. After this experience he begins to write for other artists, collaborating with many recording studios and producers in Milan. He graduated as a […]

Paul Petrillo

[italy] close

Born in Savona, Italy, Paul is appassionate of music from the early age and becomes a Dj since 1995 when at 20 he starts mixing on his 1210 turntables. From here till the late 90’s he plays across clubs of North Italy. In the following years he travels for private […]

Therese Kali

Linkoping [Sweden] close

I’m a Swedish techno producer with a passion for the dark and mystic in our world. It wasn’t until later in life I decided that I wanted to produce music. I’ve always been drawn to the darkness in all art forms so it felt natural to create music with the […]

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