beenoise attack radio syndicast!
over 35 all over the world:

Lofty Fm (australia) every sunday 5 am (GMT +9.30)
Cubase FM (germany) every friday at 7 pm (GMT +2)
radio 107 (italy) every saturday at 5 pm (GMT +2)
ibizaradio1 (UK) every saturday at 2 am (GMT +1)
radio taranto Uno (Italy) every sunday at 11.45 pm (GMT +2)
atmotraxx radio (germany) every sunday at 11 pm (GMT +2)
club fm bamberg (Germany) every tuesday at 11 pm (GMT +2)
320 FM (germany) every sunday at 10 pm (GMT +2)
Enation FM (USA every monday at 5 pm (GMT -4)
99.9 Emergency Fm (UK) every tuesday at 4 am (GMT +1)
Studio Sound Radio (germany) every friday at 4 pm (GMT +2)
Radio noise FM (italy) every wednesday midnight (GMT+2)
in progress radio (Netherlands) every tuesday at 11 am (GMT+2)
ctu clubbing (canada) every saturday at midnight (GMT +2)
radio lajes (portugal) every friday at 1 am (GMT +00)
radio klub (France) every sunday at 5 pm (GMT+2)
Fox Radio Athens (Greece) every thursday at 11 pm (GMT+3)
DreemWave Radio (UK) every wednesday at 1 pm (GMT+1)
electronic dance Fm (germany) every wednesday 4pm (GMT+2)
Seance Radio (UK) every saturday at 2 am (GMT+1)
hits dance (portugal) every thursday at 5 pm (GMT+1)

resistance Fm (Brazil) every saturday at 8 pm (GMT-3)
WAO radio (Canada) every sunday at 8 pm (GMT -4)
ctu dance (belgium) every wednesday at 6 pm (GMT+2)
global FM (Russia) every sunday at mid. (GMT+3 )
technolocs (greece) every saturday at 10.45 pm (GMT+3)
edr (germany) every thursaday at 10. pm (GMT +2)
radio studio red (Italy) every friday at 10 am (GMT +2)
josin radio (italy) every sunday at 11 pm (GMT +2)
the groove society (Arab Emirates) sunday at 1 pm (GMT+4)
head radio(denmark) every friday at 8 pm (GMT+2)
fight level radio (USA) every monday at 3 pm (GMT-4)
radio dance roma (italy) every friday at 10 pm (GMT+2)
mix hit radio (uk) every sunday at 7 pm (GMT+1)