Therese Kali

Therese Kali

Sweden / Linkoping


Therese Kali is a Swedish techno producer with a passion for the dark and mystical atmospheres in music. She’s been to parties in the underground scene since teenage years, but later on decided on focusing on producing her own music in the summer of 2020. Inspired by both the sounds of techno and psytrance, her creations are something intertwined from both worlds that she loves. By adding cinematic and psychedelic elements she creates her music in a fast and hard rhythm.


Her inspiration comes mainly from our cosmos, sci-fi, the unexplained, occult culture, movie soundtracks, dirty underground raves, the deep dark forest and the passion for wanting to create an experience that feels more than just a track. With lots of breaks, atmospheric elements and vocals to create a cinematic techno experience for the listener.



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