beenoise attack and int. guestmix on april

21 Marzo 2019

  5th beenoise attack with Portax 6th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Julia Turano   12th beenoise attack with Bokito 13th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Tiz   19th beenoise attack with luke 20th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Cristiana Blasi   26th beenoise attack with Sergio Marini 27th beenoise attack with Fissa   every […]

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Beenoise Attack and International on March

17 Febbraio 2019

MARCH: 1th beenoise attack with Sergio Marini 2th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Fissa   8th Beenoise Attack with Jenna Gilmore 9th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Stefano Tirelli   15th beenoise attack with Luke 16th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Tauri   22th beenoise attack with YUADA 23th beenoise attack int. guestmix with Cristiana […]

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a new artist for beenoise rec Yuada from Japan

18 Gennaio 2019

  YUADA Born in Osaka Japan, she started piano at the age of 3 years old and she started self learning painting and drawing as well at that same age. In 2011 she moved to N.Y for art school. At this time she also started use ableton live to produce her own electronic music. She […]

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beenoise attack and int. on february

13 Gennaio 2019

FEBRUARY 1th MAR FLORES (beenoise attack) 2th JULIA TURANO (beenoise attack int. guestmix)   8th MARCO CIPRIA (beenoise attack) 9th VANESSA HEICH (beenoise attack int. guestmix)   15th LUKE (beenoise attack) 16th CRISTIANA BLASI (beenoise attack int. guestemix)   22th LEO PAOLETTA (beenoise attack) 23th NICO DE CEGLIA (beenoise attack int. guestmix)   beenoise attack: […]

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beenoise attack and int. on January

7 Dicembre 2018

january: 4th Albird  (beenoise attack) 5th Migel Gloria (beenoise attack int. guestmix)   11th Luke (beenoise attack) 12th Maurizio Santi (beenoise attack. int. guestmix)   18th Leo Paoletta (beenoise attack) 19th Bi-Rdy   25th Sergio Marini 26th Cristiana Blasi     

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beenoise attack and beenoise attack int. guestmix december

22 Novembre 2018

december 1th Emme Medina (beenoise attack int. guestmix) 7th Luke (beenoise attack) 8th Cristiana Blasi (beenoise attack int. guestmix) 14th Mattias milzep (beenoise attack) 15th Julia Turano (beenoise attack int. guestmix) 21th Mattia Massimi (beenoise attack) 22th Maxine Garman (beenoise attack int. guestmix) 28th Leo Paoletta (beenoise attack) 29th steh (beenoise attack int. guestmix)

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beenoise attack week 4th on october

25 Ottobre 2018

from october 26h: beenoise attack with Julia Turano friday  at 10 pm on radio dance roma friday at 10 pm on kittikun radio saturday at 11 pm on technolocos sunday at 10 pm on 320 fm   beenoise attack international with Linda Kozniak saturday at midnight on radio dance roma […]

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beenoise attack international guestmix october dj’s

29 Settembre 2018

every saturday at midnight in exclusive on radio dance roma this month with this dj’s: clok & Dagger on october 6th vanessa heich on october 13th cristiana blasi on october 20th linda kozniak on october 27th estefania camacho october 12th

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new dj’s by beenoise attack

12 Agosto 2018

  new dj’s for beenoise attack coming up:   mattia massimi,marco cipria,steh and cristiana blasi!  

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Beenoise Live Showcase at Ade October 17th (official Ade party)

21 Luglio 2018

“From Italy, Beenoise Records makes its debut at Amsterdam Dance Event. Born in 2010, created by italian artist Luciano “Luke” Mancini, it has grown up in the techno scene, collecting a huge number of supports by top djs, charts placements and proofs of its powerful sound. Beenoise Records also focuses on discovering new talents and […]

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