After the success of their first album, THERE BE NOISE, with the track RAVEOLUTION been played worldwide, italian dj producers Sergio Marini & Luke are back with a new fresh music collection.
Their new album, CHEMICAL WASTES talks about the entire music scene, where too much rubbish is released everyday. That’s why on the album cover, two radioactive men, are coming to save music with good vibes they bring.
From the electronic techno sound that the italian duo launched in a collaboration with legendary Mauro Picotto’s label, Alchemy, with a song dedicated to Mauro himself, ( the song MR.PICOTTO AM I ON CAMERA? is on an official Mauro’s video, reaching hundreds of thousands of views) Sergio Marini & Luke include in the album many vintage techno flavoured tracks but also melodic techno and tech house tunes.
A complete album, for everybody who loves all the shades of the real electronic dance scene.