After receiving consense and support from techno top djs with the previous ep, italian dj producers Sergio Marini & Luke are back with Euro Tech Noises vol.2, a brand new ep that contains 2 new songs, plus 2 new versions of their very well known track named RAVEOLUTION.
In 2017 the italian techno duo reached many goals : an unforgettable performance at Altro Mondo Studios, one of the most importan italian clubs and a release on Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy Records that are only a step in their career, that will go on in 2018.
Euro Tech Noises Vol.2 is their first release in current year, includes the song BLACK HAT, inspired on the acid sound which is very trendy now, FULCRUM, that focuses on a mix of electronic and techno and RAVEOLUTION, in 2 brand new mixes, the “Electronic Groove Mix” and an harder version.